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Sean Penn wrote:
> Dear Norm,
> The "War On Drugs" is indeed:
> A war - ON DRUGS!
> - madman101

LOL!!! but NOT LEGAL drugs!! they LOVE legal drugs.....take THEIR drugs...not OUR drugs!!! BIG profits in THEIR drugs!! what a joke!

- norm ("NORMAN GOLDMAN" <norm@normangoldman.com>)
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I always had a problem trying to refer to someone who's gender wasn't specific.  I'd always say "Him/Her" or "She/He".

And what's also bad is when you refer to a baby or a pet, but you don't know the gender - the option is always to say "It".

So i created a word to cover all of this  "Shim".

You can say Shim when you mean him or her or she or he - or it.

Shim works for me.
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DULT -  a dult is very much a dolt, and comprises most people on myspace.

it means a person who, rather than living their life, is basically wasting their time until the next crisis.

when they are destined to wake up and accept their lot.

thus they are programmed to become the future adults of america.

full of bother and boredom and trivial pursuits.